… will be very very very very beloved in our agritourism (did I say we love dogs?).

There are 2 beaches in the neighborhood dedicated to them:

  1. Laigueglia “Bagni Capo Mele”, just entering the town coming from Diano Marina. It costs € 10 each “human” + € 5 each dog, to rent all day: 2 sun longers (drawn with a dalmatian mantel) and a beach umbrella. There’s a bar, showers even for dogs. Dogs are free to swim and walk around (humans are free too!)
  2. Alassio “Bagni La Vedetta”. Entrance costs € 3 each person, dogs free. Lot of space in the parking lot. Dogs are free to walk around and swim

Please note, prices are subject to change without notice: so, please, inform autonomously before moving!