Agriturismo Cà di Cuni

Agriturismo Cà di Cuni

Our family produces extra virgin olive oil made of the prestigious variety “Taggiasca”, distinctive synonymous with delicacy and fragrance.

The superior quality of our production comes from the right combination between tradition and modernization.

Being faithful to the tradition for us means to preserve the respect for nature that absolutely refuses the use of herbicides and strictly follows EU guidelines for the controlled reduction of fertilizers and pesticides, even if they are naturally limited because in hilly areas above 400 meters like ours, pests (olive fly) are absolutely limited.

As a further guarantee of genuineness, the milling processing of the olives is still made cold in the only traditional oil mill in the valley, through the classic millstones.

By the way, we have always welcomed with enthusiasm all that means innovation and mechanization in processing, harvesting and preservation.

Accelerating the havest process, limiting in forty-eight hours the timing between downhearting and milling, allows to minimize the acidity (well below 0.3%).

In contrast, a product of such high quality must be able to maintain over time their olfactory-gustatory characteristics. That is why we use cutting edge technology in the process of conservation, relying on stainless steel containers with pneumatic locking systems that prevent to oxygen, light and heat damage to the oil.

That’s what it means for us to offer a higher level of oil obtained  focusing on all production stages.

Below our price list:

1 l. Bottle € 12.00
5 l. tin€ 57.50

Il nostro olio

Our own extra virgin olive oil