Agrisport Cà di Cuni Is at the foot of Motunt Torre (1000m above sea level ) in one of the most beautiful valleys of the Riviera dei Fiori (the Riviera of flowers)
We are immersed in a 2 hectares of ancient olive groves and are the starting point of many trails into the surrounding areas. Our location is characterized by the fantastic sensation of being held suspended in air by the mountain ready to dive into the sea below.

From here we organize guided bike excursions on the road (even city bikes) but above all mountain bike trails. The latter is subdivided into groups: cross country , all mountain, free ride and down hill. For the last two categories there is the possibility, if needed, of use of a van to take people and their bikes to the starting point of the trails.

To offer the best option for each customer we usually we meet together the day before with the interested party to asses, their ability and preparation before deciding on and advising the type of outing that may best suit them.

For those passionate about road racing trips, being physically fit and well prepared, may travel along the final part of the Milano-Sanremo cycling route, following the main coastal road the “Aurelia” towards the west of Liguria along the headlands: Capo (headland) Berta, Cipressa and Poggio, the windy twists in this road along with their panoramic views render the final kilometres of this race unforgettable. This trip can also be extended on towards Ventimiglia then along the French coastal road until reaching Menton.

There is another excursion towards of Sanreomo, more touristic than competitive, from San Lorenzo al Mare, you can travel along this bike track (made on the ex railroad of the Riviera dei Fiori) to Ospedaletti, without the dangers of encountering traffic while riding through characteristics villages of the Riviera.

An interesting fact is that there is a detailed reconstruction of the History of the Milano-Sanremo that can be seen in the last tunnel between Sanremo and Ospedaletti, which makes it an outdoor museum that never closes.

There are many other routes to take, heading inland between the hills surrounded by typically Mediterranean flora and priceless views.

But the mountain bike is the truly the most suitable ride to encounter the real story of our land up close.

It’s not presumptuous to say that when it comes to our trails and pathways we are not joking at all….you will be astonished by the splendour of the excursions on a whole that will leave breathless in amazement. .