Trekking is possibly the most likley activity to be undertaken at Agrisport due to it strategic position between the Mountains and the sea. It has easy access to pathways and tracks which allows travelling along the hills that are rich with typical Mediterranean vegetation and olive groves.

1° TRAIL: from Agrisport to Monte Torre (commonly known as “Pizzo d’Evigno”): A most beautiful trip that allows you to reach the summit (1000 m) in about 2hours, where you can enjoy a breath taking view, which on a clear days enables you to cast your gaze from Corsica (across the sea) to Monviso (in Piemonte-North Italy), scouring across the vallies and hills such as: the Impero Valley and Merula Valley, you may also catch a glimpse of Gallinara island, and much more.

2° TRAIL: from Agrisport to Monte Ceresa: after a delightful trip in the woods of oak, beech and hornbeam tress, you reach Mount Ceresa (about 990 m), where you can enjoy a wonderful panoramic view of the Merula valley and the planes of Albenga. There is also the possibility to reach Diano San Pietro by walking along the crest of Colla.

3° TRAIL: from Agrisport to Diano Roncagli: this panoramic trip through ancient olive groves, has only a 200m difference in altitude level, and takes place on secondary side roads not travelled by cars in a non residential area, it is therefore remarkably silent and ideal for who would like a peaceful walk without having to go on a long hike.

4° TRAIL: from Agrisport to Diano Arentino towards località Monti. The first 2km of this trip is completely flat, ideal for the not so fit , and takes you to the town of Diano Arentino. From here you can take a panoramic uphill road that will take you to a small town Montida from winch you can enjoy a wonderful view of the Impero valley.